News Real iOS App

Most people don't have enough time to stay politically informed or even research the validity of news sources they do encounter. News Real, an iOS app I created with Michal Lichwa, was our way of combating that problem.

News that is accurate and reliable

In late 2016, Merrimack College professor Melissa Zimdars released a database of websites tagged in a number of categories including "fake," "satire," "conspiracy," "unreliable," and "political." Accessing this database was cumbersome, especially on mobile devices. News Real provided an easier way to see if a website made the list.

Because News Real operated as a browser extension on iOS, the process of checking a website's status could be done without ever leaving Safari — and the results were clear and instant.

Our goal was to help people ensure what they read online was accurate and reliable. Within the first month of it being released, there were over 500 downloads of News Real on the App Store.